DSCN1761This is Yiddie.

DSCN1766Yiddie is our third cat.

DSCN1794Yiddie was Alain’s idea.  He got Yiddie out of the box and said, “This one’s Jewish.”  (The other members of the Cat Family are all Jew-ish to varying degrees).

DSCN1767Alain put Yiddie on the shelf where we store our Jewish things.

DSCN1768Yiddie spent some time perched up high above the kitchen, looking out over the living room.

DSCN1770Alain developed a habit of getting two white candles out of the freezer every Friday night, whether Carrie was home or not.  Observing these Shabbat rituals filled Yiddie with a sense of shalom, wholeness, or peace.

DSCN1772Soon, the whole Cat Family was observing Shabbat every week, with the Yiddie watching from above.

DSCN1778Pretty soon it became apparent that Yiddie is an Observant Jew.

DSCN1779He loves his faith and heritage very deeply and he is thrilled when his family members do Jewish Things.

DSCN1782As the Cat Family grows as a Family, we have developed our own rituals and traditions.

DSCN1783One of them is that whenever we are about to do a Jewish Thing, we go and get Yiddie of the cat box.  Our family rule is that Yiddie can come out and play as long as we are doing Jewish Things.

DSCN1787Yiddie has brought new light and joy to our observances, as well as our lives.

DSCN1790Yiddie has gotten to travel a little bit as well.  He went to Anchorage for Passover and he went to Kauai when Kitty was missing.

DSCN1791Six days a week (excepting Jewish holidays), Yiddie lives in the cat box.  On Shabbat, Yiddie spends 25 hours with the Cat Family.

Shavua Tov!

Where has Yiddie traveled?

Yiddie sticks closer to home than Kitty and Bitty, but so far he has been to: Anchorage, Barrow, and Atqasuk in Alaska and Kaua’i Island and Honolulu in Hawai’i.  He spent his first Rosh Hashanah in Atqasuk and his first Yom Kippur partly on an airplane and partly in Portland, Oregon.  He has visited several states on the east coast with Alain and Carrie now, too.

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