Tsippitty, like Yiddie, is a cat with many names.  Her full name is Tsipporah, which is a Hebrew name that means “bird.”  Tsippy is the common nickname for Tsipporah, sometimes spelled Zippy and Zipporah, pronounced like the initial sound in tsunami.


Tsippy joined our lives when we lived in Barrow and from the beginning, made it clear that she was going to set her own path.  For example, Tsippy is a couch cat.  She is happiest when she is sitting on the back of the couch looking out the window.  Having looked at the Arctic Ocean in Barrow and then Kuluk Bay in Adak, Tsippy naturally believes that windows should overlook the ocean.

Tsippy does not like storms.  This quirk presented itself in Adak, when she would start worrying and whimpering as the wind picked up and rattled everything in sight.  Only then does Tsippy ask to come upstairs and be with the family.  We made a trundle bed for her.

Tsippy does not like to travel and only does so for major lifecycle events.  Thus she came to Pittsburgh and Maryland for our wedding.  But then a terrible thing happened to Tsippy that reinforced her dislike of travel: we forgot her in Hagerstown.  We left her on the red couch.  Her grandparents put her in a box and eventually mailed her but Tsippy never misses an opportunity to remind us of the time we forgot her.

As spring turns to summer 2017, Tsippy spends her days looking at traffic out the window in Squirrel Hill.  She is comforted by her blankie, her travel blankie (her special pillowcase), and her SO big sister, Kima.