Kitty is a precious and precocious cat who lives, loves, and travels with Alain and Carrie.

Alain and Carrie had been long searching for a cat but could never find one who was cute enough.  Then one day, Kitty went on sale at Fred Meyer.  Kitty pounced on the opportunity and went home to live with Alain in the trailer.  Kitty observed and puzzled about the change in scenery and the odd behavior of the human called Alain.  Then one day, Carrie came to visit on a layover between Fairbanks and Kodiak.  Kitty immediately decided to move to Fairbanks with Carrie, and Alain shortly followed.  Kitty, Carrie, and Alain then lived together in their dry cabin in between their travels throughout Alaska, the lower 48, and beyond. After visiting Barrow every month, Kitty decided to move there for the summer and then an apartment opened up so Kitty, Bitty, Carrie and Alain moved indefinitely to Barrow.  In February 2013, Kitty went on a trip to the village of Atqasuk, and was so entranced with the view out the window that Kitty did not jump back in Carrie’s luggage.  To the best of our knowledge, Kitty is still somewhere in Atqasuk.

Kitty has a wild imagination, a passion for trying new foods, and a regular habit of reading three books every day.  Kitty insists on being taken everywhere and being the center of any activity.  Kitty met Alain and Carrie’s families and decided to start this blog as a way to keep in touch with all the new people.  Kitty says, “Meow.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kitty a boy or a girl?

Kitty does not have a gender.  Kitty is Kitty.

How old is Kitty?

Since Kitty came from a factory in China, traveled by ship across the sea, and then spent an undetermined amount of time at Fred Meyer, we do not know Kitty’s exact age.  We do however, mark the passage of time from Kitty’s “Gotcha Day” in May 2011.  Like any adoptee, Kitty’s “Gotcha Day” celebrates the day the new family “got” Kitty.

Does Kitty like baths?

No.  Kitty strongly detests baths.

How many baths has Kitty had?

One.  Alain gave Kitty a bath after Carrie dropped Kitty in the dirt at the recycling area.  Alain is perpetually threatening to bathe Kitty again but Kitty covers Kitty’s ears and tries to hide.

What is Kitty’s favorite toy?

Kitty currently has a piece of material from a sewing experiment that looks like a felt flying saucer.  Kitty used to have two favorite toys, but during one of Kitty’s favorite games, (throw things down from the loft for the humans to catch and throw back up) it dropped in the slop bucket.

Why don’t you have a real cat?

Kitty is real to us.

Why don’t you have a live cat?

Alain and Carrie travel too much and a live cat is too much responsibility.  And Carrie is unsure about adopting a live cat in a world that practices kitty-chemotherapy.

Where has Kitty traveled?

So far: Seattle, Portland, DC, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, New York City, Maryland, Alaska, West Virginia, Virginia, Texas, California, and Hawaii

Where in Hawaii has Kitty traveled?

So far: Oahu, Moloka’i, and Lana’i islands

Where in Alaska has Kitty traveled?

So far: Fairbanks, Denali, Healy, Anchorage, Kodiak, Anaktuvuk Pass, Point Lay, Wainwright, Barrow, Nuiqsut, Kaktovik, Deadhorse/Prudhoe Bay, Delta Junction, Atqasuk, Fox, North Pole, Salcha, Manley Hot Springs, Adak Island, Allakaket, Bettles, Alpine, Circle, Chena Hot Springs, Central, Kaktovik/Barter Island

Where else in the world has Kitty traveled?

Spain (Madrid, Cordoba, Algeciras, Tarifa)   Morocco (Tangier, Marrakesh, Asni, Imlil, Taroudant, Essouaira)  Gibraltar (a very enchanted place) Iceland (another enchanted place) France (Paris, Marseille, Frioul, Corsica) and Mexico (Ensenada, Cabo san Lucas)

What is the coldest temperature Kitty has experienced?

So far: 52 below (not counting windchill)

Why does Kitty read three books every day?

Because Kitty is curious.

What languages does Kitty speak?

Kitty speaks Kitty, English, and the Kitty versions of any other language.  Kitty enjoys speaking Kitty to others.  Kitty also learned North Slope Inupiaq by using a Rosetta Stone program.

What will happen when Kitty falls apart?

Kitty has nine lives.

I hear that Kitty got lost.  Tell me more.

Kitty got lost in the village of Atqasuk in 2013.  Ultimately, Kitty lived in the village for two months, all by Kitty’s self.  Carrie waged a major campaign to find Kitty, having school and health clinic personnel search for Kitty.  Flyers were emailed around and posted throughout the village.  Carrie and Alain considered flying out to the village to look for Kitty.  Everyone was very sad and missed Kitty greatly.  Then Carrie finally got to return to Atqasuk and found Kitty within moments of arriving!  Kitty is proud to be the only member of the family to have lived in a village, but is also very glad to be back home with the family.  Bitty and Yiddie welcomed Kitty home with a taste of Kitty’s favorite slice of Spain: a can of Bonito del Norte tuna.  Alain wanted to forbid Kitty from traveling to villages again but Kitty has a very independent spirit and has already resumed village travel with Carrie.

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