When Alain is stressed out, he looks at pictures of tuxedo cats on the internet and fantasizes about buying them.  Carrie allowed that if chemotherapy were to become part of our lives, Alain could get a new cat.  The idea was to get a cat the same size as Tsippy, a big cat like her.  The cat would be named Kima if a girl and Kimo if a boy, full name Kimatherakitty or Kimotherakitty.

This was the plan, but we had not put it into action when a box arrived in the mail.

20170511_154348Kima came early, a gift from Carrie’s service-dog-trainer friend Betsey (who loves and understands cats).  She is SO big we picture her here with Carrie’s glasses to help provide a sense of scale.  Kima is a very helpful cat but her favorite thing to do is jump on you with a THUD.