Magnificent Ritzie at Discovery Station

While in Hagerstown, Maryland, we took Ritzie to the Discovery Station.

Ritzie was somehow supposed to be learning about sustainability by playing in this mailbox.

She just thought it was a good place for a cat.

She easily learned about the life cycle of honey bees.

She made a friend!

She got engrossed in exploring the entomology tools.

But Carrie was not one to let Ritzie hog all the fun.

Carrie completed several space missions.

In her bare feet.

Ritzie met Manekineko.

We found these miniature instruments in an exhibit on India inside the old bank vault.

In the new arts & crafts room, the first thing Ritzie did was make herself a new outfit.

Again, not one to let the cat have all the fun, Carrie started painting.What’s that she’s wearing, you may ask?

A smock.

Why is Carrie wearing a smock?

Because a sign said that all painters were required to wear smocks.

So Carrie wore a smock.

Unfortunately, Carrie forgot all of her artwork on the drying rack.

Carrie also got into some chalkboard wall action.

They had just washed it.

Carrie got exercise.

This was Alain’s favorite part of Carrie’s drawing.

Carrie also fulfilled a long-held desire of painting with roller stamps.There were many more exhibits we did not visit this trip.

We shied away from the new transportation room because there was the most ill-behaved daycare we have ever seen in there.  Too bad because they have a Cessna!  We’ll have to go back.  With our Carnegie membership, Discovery Station is free anytime we are in Hagerstown.

Automatically Created Videos of Greenfield , Shadyside, Butler (PA), Bolivar (WV), and Downtown Pittsburgh

The purpose of blogging lately has been to gather photos, videos, thoughts, and other memories in one place because as technologies advance and our lives become more intricately intertwined, we find there is no one repository of such information any longer.  Also, we are taking advantage of being in the land of the internet.

In this spirit, we bring you a collection of recent automated slideshows created by Carrie’s phone:

We found a set of seven self-guided art walks for downtown Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.  We picked a spot in the middle of one of the downtown walks and took advantage of the easy parking the evening before a holiday.  We made it about halfway through one of the downtown walks before we got distracted by taking a free ride on the T.

Because these are automatically-created videos crafted by Carrie’s phone, sometimes weird things happen.  The above videos starts with the Staghorn Cafe, a shop we walked to in Greenfield, a neighboring neighborhood in Pittsburgh, and then switches to more of the downtown art walk.

This one is from our visit to Bolivar, West Virginia with Alain’s mom.

And this one is from the second time we spent a day in Butler, PA.  It shows Saxonburg Coffee Company, Element Cafe, the courthouse and some beautiful houses.

This one literally popped up on Carrie’s phone while this post was being made.  It has pictures from when we walked down the hill the other direction to the neighboring neighborhood of Shadyside.

Sick Person Food

It’s no surprise that Carrie likes to take pictures of food.

20170505_114512After Carrie’s readmission, her tastes and eating were all messed up.  A lot of foods tasted funny.  She was desperately thirsty around the clock, no matter how much fluids she sucked down.  The above is the sort of very strange meal she found herself able to eat bits of.

The cats thought it was fun.  Everything was cat-sized and there was so much to try.  Not that Carrie had the energy to ask their opinion.

Life with the Cats in Squirrel Hill

After Carrie’s second hospital discharge this year, Alain went home to Adak for a little while.  Carrie couldn’t move very well, and slept a lot, and sometimes had a hard time taking care of the cats.

20170506_142025We also had the surprise of receiving Kima.  Here, Bell and Bitty meet her for the first time.

20170508_003620But Kima is helpful.  Here she is holding the pages of Harry Potter #2 open for Carrie.  Except Carrie was too sensitive and kept getting upset about bad things happening to Harry and then kept getting scared of all the things jumping out from everywhere.  So Harry Potter #2 is going to have to go back to the library.

20170510_235414Here are Witty (Abby’s cat), Tritty (Betty’s cat), Bitty, and Bell cuddling with Kima.  (Kitty, Tsippy, and Yiddie had gone back to Adak with Alain.)  Sometimes Carrie felt too weak to hold the cats and they’d just lay there on the bed holding each other.

20170511_132350Here are Tritty, Kima, and Bell.  They were probably asking for something.  One of the cats is always asking for something, it seems.

20170512_082638But at least they sometimes put themselves to bed.  Only Tsippy will stay up forever if we forget to put her to bed and tuck her in just so.


Last May (2014) while we were just emerging from Barrow’s long winter, we decided on a whim (and assessment of AlaskaAir’s flight map) to plan a 4 day trip to Idaho.

Given that we were flying all the way from Barrow, Friday and Monday would be spent flying, leaving us only Saturday and Sunday for seeing and experiencing.  We planned our Saturday in Boise in tight detail, using the TripCase app to help us keep addresses, opening times, and reservations organized.  We visited a farmer’s market, the Basque museum (and went on a tour), a Basque grocery store, two restaurants, Trader Joe’s, Costco (to use a coupon that was going to expire), and Great Clips (where Alain got the best haircut of his life by a very tattooed dude).

Sunday, we went on a road trip.  Carrie recently lost our travel journal and wordpress opted to load the photos randomly, so here is a disorganized collection of the highlights from a day on the roads between Boise, Stanley, and Sun Valley.

DSCN4195 DSCN4196 DSCN4071 DSCN4073 DSCN4074 DSCN4076 DSCN4085 DSCN4089 DSCN4091 DSCN4097 DSCN4100 DSCN4113 DSCN4128 DSCN4132 DSCN4134 DSCN4144 DSCN4148 DSCN4164 DSCN4181 DSCN4189 DSCN4191 DSCN4194