Witty Learns about Seal Tagging

In Adak we have tried to help with the Bunkhouse Chats.  A bunkhouse chat is an informal chance for locals and visitors to talk with researchers, scientists, and other wayward souls.  As an outpost of western conveniences, Adak hosts many scientists and researchers on their way farther afield.  Others hunker down and conduct their research right on the island.  The US Fish & Wildlife Service has a bunkhouse where they can stay (boy does it have a NICE kitchen!) that has a big living room that is perfect for hosting a chat.  Carrie makes treats, usually with some local ingredients (like petrushki crackers or nagoonberry pound cake).  Sometime in summer 2016 while Witty was attending summer camp on Adak Island, she got to go to a bunkhouse chat.

Witty liked the pictures of birds on the walls.After the chat, Witty taught the other cats what she learned.  These researchers were trying to learn about seals.  They were concerned that numbers of seals had dropped.  For several years, they had been attaching tags to seals’ heads and flippers.  The tags can be tracked and thus build maps of where and how far seals travel. The cats were all very interested in the seal tagging project but are not sure they like the idea of the tags.  They worry they might bother the seals.

Tsippy Goes Camping

Tsippy asked to go camping.  She got in her sleeping bag and went inside her tent.

Then she said “This isn’t comfortable.  Where’s my blankie?”

She tried rolling over.

Still no blankie.

Still not comfortable.

We told her that you don’t take your blankie camping and that she should try wriggling into her sleeping bag a little better.

Tsippy said “That’s better.”

But soon Tsippy was done with camping and decided to play with her tent.

Witty’s Summer Camp on Adak Island

Witty the cat lives in Pittsburgh, PA, with Carrie’s sister.  Said sister has often talked about coming to visit Adak Island, but logistics hadn’t worked out.  We came up with an alternate solution: Witty came to visit!  Witty went to a very wonderful summer camp on Adak Island.  She got mailed in a box of fresh vegetables.  She returned with a four page list of all the activities she participated in at camp, from a list of cooking classes to riding on 4 wheelers and even kayaking.  Unfortunately, her camp counselors did not do the best job of taking pictures at camp.

Witty must have gone on a trip somewhere because this picture is at the Anchorage airport.

Witty enjoyed riding on the Honda with uncle Alain.  He took her on many adventures but always kept her very, very safe.

Adak’s historic & contemporary Pet Cemetery is located next to the Adak National Forest.  Witty visited both on one of her first trips out.  Andre the baby chick is the only bird with a gravestone.  (Carrie later asked a young person why only one of the dead chickens has a grave.  The “duh” answer was: no bodies, they got ATE! [by other animals])

Witty also had plenty of time to frolic with the other cats, including Kitty.

Adak Videos for Aviation Geeks

Four videos for aviation geeks and those who love Adak Island: landing, take off, taxi, and flying around, from January and Feburary 2016.

This landing in Adak video has some good footage of a fishing boat offloading to the tramper.

And then, the next month, February 2016, taxiing out in Adak:


And take-off, from Adak Island, Feburary 2016.  Always so beautiful to fly, but always so sad to leave the island.