Bitty is a cat who mined and wormed his way into living with Alain, Carrie, and Kitty and now is an integral part of the family (and Kitty’s playmate and partner in crime).

Bitty is the same brand and model as Kitty but looks very different so we think Bitty came from a different factory.  Unlike Kitty, Bitty came with an attached poem about himself.  Alain ordered Bitty on along with several other yet-to-be-named-cats-who-live-in-a-box-and-were-supposed-to-be-the-future-incartations-of-Kitty.  Bitty thus spent six months in a box, and the box rested on a shelf in Barrow.

Then one day Alain went on a trip back east.  Kitty went with him.  Carrie was back home in Barrow, missing Alain and Kitty.  Kitty called Carrie on the telephone and said, “Carrie, meet Bitty.”  Bitty hopped out of the box and came to life in Barrow.  Bitty is thus an Arctic Cat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bitty a boy or a girl?

Bitty is a boy.

How old is Bitty?

Bitty came from a factory in China, traveled across the sea, and spent an undetermined amount of time in an warehouse.  Bitty then traveled in the mail to Maryland, where Alain picked Bitty up, and then flew to Fairbanks with Alain and Carrie, and then to Barrow.  Bitty’s gotcha day will be celebrated each June.

Kitty is very dirty.  Does Bitty like to get dirty?

No, Bitty does not like the idea of getting dirty and is quite worried about the prospect.

What is Bitty’s favorite toy?

Anything Kitty has!

Where has Bitty traveled?

So far: Barrow, Deadhorse/Prudhoe Bay, Fort Yukon, Adak, Atqasuk, Wainwright, Nuiqsut, Fairbanks, Denali, Anaktuvuk Pass, Anchorage, Allakaket, Bettles, Delta Junction, North Pole, Salcha, Chena Hot Springs, Point Lay, Kaktovik/Barter Island, Minneapolis, Atqasuk, Fort Yukon, New Orleans, Washington DC, Iceland, France, Corsica, Portland, California, Texas, and Mexico

What does Bitty do all day?

Bitty is a baby and is very curious.  Bitty is experiencing many things in the world for the first time.  For example, Bitty has spent time riding in cabs in Barrow, walking on the beach on the Arctic Ocean, and chasing squirrels in Denali National Park.  Bitty also flew on seven flights during his first month of life.  Like Kitty, Bitty spends some days home alone, some days with Alain, and some days with Carrie.

Is Bitty just like Kitty?

Bitty and Kitty share some traits and habits, such as a passionate love of devouring books, endless inquisitiveness, and rollicking joyful playfulness.  But Bitty is also a little bit different.  Bit is a more concise speaker, has a deeper voice, has longer front paws, and is less prone to physical displays of excitement than Kitty.  Bitty is an Arctic Cat who is passionate about his homeland.  He loves polar bears.


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