Magnificent Ritzie at Discovery Station

While in Hagerstown, Maryland, we took Ritzie to the Discovery Station.

Ritzie was somehow supposed to be learning about sustainability by playing in this mailbox.

She just thought it was a good place for a cat.

She easily learned about the life cycle of honey bees.

She made a friend!

She got engrossed in exploring the entomology tools.

But Carrie was not one to let Ritzie hog all the fun.

Carrie completed several space missions.

In her bare feet.

Ritzie met Manekineko.

We found these miniature instruments in an exhibit on India inside the old bank vault.

In the new arts & crafts room, the first thing Ritzie did was make herself a new outfit.

Again, not one to let the cat have all the fun, Carrie started painting.What’s that she’s wearing, you may ask?

A smock.

Why is Carrie wearing a smock?

Because a sign said that all painters were required to wear smocks.

So Carrie wore a smock.

Unfortunately, Carrie forgot all of her artwork on the drying rack.

Carrie also got into some chalkboard wall action.

They had just washed it.

Carrie got exercise.

This was Alain’s favorite part of Carrie’s drawing.

Carrie also fulfilled a long-held desire of painting with roller stamps.There were many more exhibits we did not visit this trip.

We shied away from the new transportation room because there was the most ill-behaved daycare we have ever seen in there.  Too bad because they have a Cessna!  We’ll have to go back.  With our Carnegie membership, Discovery Station is free anytime we are in Hagerstown.

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