Automatically Created Videos of Greenfield , Shadyside, Butler (PA), Bolivar (WV), and Downtown Pittsburgh

The purpose of blogging lately has been to gather photos, videos, thoughts, and other memories in one place because as technologies advance and our lives become more intricately intertwined, we find there is no one repository of such information any longer.  Also, we are taking advantage of being in the land of the internet.

In this spirit, we bring you a collection of recent automated slideshows created by Carrie’s phone:

We found a set of seven self-guided art walks for downtown Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.  We picked a spot in the middle of one of the downtown walks and took advantage of the easy parking the evening before a holiday.  We made it about halfway through one of the downtown walks before we got distracted by taking a free ride on the T.

Because these are automatically-created videos crafted by Carrie’s phone, sometimes weird things happen.  The above videos starts with the Staghorn Cafe, a shop we walked to in Greenfield, a neighboring neighborhood in Pittsburgh, and then switches to more of the downtown art walk.

This one is from our visit to Bolivar, West Virginia with Alain’s mom.

And this one is from the second time we spent a day in Butler, PA.  It shows Saxonburg Coffee Company, Element Cafe, the courthouse and some beautiful houses.

This one literally popped up on Carrie’s phone while this post was being made.  It has pictures from when we walked down the hill the other direction to the neighboring neighborhood of Shadyside.

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